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Author of the highly anticipated book of poetry "Strictly4DaStreets: Mentality of a teen living in Todays's scene", a true Poetic Princess, MissHoney.
A MissHoney Original
Written @ age: 15
 So infatuated by your look
so many desires
 So long I’ve been hooked
I’m your number one admirer
 So many days wanting,
to be by your side
 I’ve been foolish for too long
 time to regain pride
 So many days I’ve tried
So many days I’ve cried
 So many fantasies of wanting you
between my thighs
 So many days, I've thought
maybe I’m in love
 Maybe I have the power
to change this one thug
 And he will be my babe
no more lonely days
 No more n*gga's sweet talking me to get played
 I know I’ve had my share
of n*ggas that don’t care
 Putting girl behind money, drugs, and they gear
 But you know what I swear,
 this n*gga is the one
 He’s not like every other
 sun of a gun
 Then again that's what I say
every time I get a crush
 And I fool myself again
letting myself trust
 But I’m not going back
not to be an ass
 Cause I’ve learned from my experience
always to be high class