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Ghetto BOOK Reviews

Strictly4DaStreets !

Ghetto BOOK Reviews

4 teens or grown folks. I do not recommend any of these books to jits so I suggest ya scroll right down to th 12 yrs old section.


The Coldest Winter ever
This story is about a girl name Winter and let me tell you right now this female is one bad bitch. Through out the whole story Winter thinks about nothing but herself and about how shes gonna stay at the top of her game. Her daddy is the biggest drug dealer in Brooklyn and her mother had her at like 14, so her parents is loose as hell, Oh ya gotta read this. 4 sho!


Men Cry In the Dark
Look here, now you better be grown reading this book, I'm talking 'bout a real know it all. This book is about dem peoples in they 20's and I dont even gotta tell you how they act, I was feelin' this book, so of course I'ma reccomend

Just know these people be on they knees!


Queen of Harlem
First thing first " People just gotta be themselves" cause in this story everyone an actor. And the way it end, man I tell ya, that shit gonna hit you right in the face cause you just didn't see it coming. C'mon now Mason, Milik, Carman .... just read it for your self. Believe me, its worth it.


Flly Girl
I tell you right now, if you got a pussy between them thighs , you gotta read this. I mean everyone and they mama know 'bout Tracy.
I cant even be like bitch, cause Tracy was a hoe! Going on missions to get Victors dick. This 5 star shit, you gotta read it.


Talk about split personalities! Jon is a crazy hoe, and I'm talkin 'bout mentally challenged. Now Jude a whole other kind of crazy. This shit is the battle for control. Ones a freak and the other is so damn nervous all the time. I was feelin sorry for the female for a while. I took this book to the heart and let me tell you right now the sex is very explicit, I had to hold my stomach. But believe me, I read the bitch in a day.
Zane Know what she doing!



Freak the Mighty comes first
Then Max the Mighty
This story is about one dumb big kid and one small smart kid becoming friends and helping each other out. Its type funny cause the big one got a crazy Daddy, then on one occation the two kids run away. Now I do reccommend this book for my pre-teens. I for one dont think ya need to be reading grown folk books any way!



I feel sorry for this little boy. I mean a child had to eat shit! I read this book when I was 14 and I was like wow, that kid dumb (LOL). But for real this a sad story and even now I recommened people to read it. So I suggest you go get this book. David Pelzer ya.