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Say it aint (1-10)
Friday, 3 February 2006
Part 1

Mason left Sam’s, to go and get a bite
And while he was out, he bought something for his wife

So after buying a set, he met up with his girl
Lied about the diamond, and had to buy her pearls

After dropping her off, he went to rent a suit
Armani, High Class, he had women to seduce

Now after Serena his wife, and Katrina the girlfriend
Baby Mamma Leah dropped in, and said, your turn with Ben

Now caught up in a problem, he called his baby Trina
Dropped off Ben, cause he had to do Serena

Serena had to leave, she had to attend a wedding within the hour
So Mason got undressed, and went to take a shower

Then Katrina dropped in, got play time in
And at the same time, Leah called like where the hell is Ben

So he left Katrina, at Serena’s house
And went to do Trina, took Ben, then was out

Dropped Ben at Leah’s, then hurried to Serena
Got dressed in his suit, and got rid of Katrina

Feeling incomplete, Mason rushed back to Leah
And fed lies, to unwine, saying he felt bad for how he treat her

Now with Sam Mason goes, man I had a day
If only all these girls knew, that I was really gay

Posted by honeys4ds at 8:22 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 2 August 2006 2:52 PM EDT
Thursday, 2 February 2006
Part 2


  Mason arrived at the wedding, looking to impress
Thinking to him self, which of the sex was best

But the glance of this female, caught his sight
It was Trina sitting by, Serena’s side

To himself Mason though, wait let me get this straight
I was out with this girl, getting married today

Lucky for Mason, it was time to serve food
Serena left, then he made his move

He said “kind of surprised, seeing you here”
Then Trina said “Mason, you gave me a scare”

“I’m here at your wedding” says Mason “and that’s all you have to say”
“I mean the sex was good” said Trina” but that’s all you really gave

To me, that what I mean, I thought we were just friends”
“Fine” said Mason, “but I need you to pretend

The wedding planner you were talking to, is my wife
And if she finds out I’m cheating, that my whole life”

Trina sat there, with shock on her face
“Man if that’s your wifey, there’s something I should say

She came to me last week, with blood stored up
I found out she was pregnant, and researched the stuff

I came with the results, she claimed the blood was her mans
I looked at her, and said you could forget your childs plans

Cause the guy that your with, must be getting laid
It says right here, this bloods positive with aids”

Posted by honeys4ds at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 10 April 2007 7:22 PM EDT
Tuesday, 20 December 2005
Part 3


  Mason looked at Trina, like hell you did to me
She said please I’m a nurse, I keep myself clean

Besides I should be the one, that should be really pissed
Cause I haven’t got tested, since we started this

Interrupted by the words, Babe you finally came
It was Serena standing there, forcing a smile on her face

Then Mason says “Honey, I got to talk to you”
Then Serena says good, lets discuss it outside this room

Trina says “wait! I’m coming with”
Then Serena says “no, I think I can handle this

Get back to the party, this is your day
You’ve been good for so long, I think you should celebrate”

With water in her eyes, Trina goes to her husband
And says to herself I should tell him if I love him

Mean while Serenas, got tears in her eyes
And is telling Mason, to get up out her house

”I never thought you were the one to cheat “
Then Mason stepped back, a couple of feet

”What happen to trust, I here you storing my blood”
She says “dont turn this on me, your the cheating thug

Beside how do you know, what I did
I wanted to be the one, to tell you about our kid”

Mason says “Babe, there’s stuff I have to tell”
Then Serena says “you talked to Trina as if you knew her well”

She thinks to herself and starts looking back
Then she yells “Mason I’ma beat her ass”

Posted by honeys4ds at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 10 April 2007 7:24 PM EDT
Monday, 19 December 2005
Chapter 4

“I’m planning her wedding, and she’s sleeping with my man

Spreading out her stuff, I know she had this planned”

Mason grabs her saying, “you think she gave me this”

Then Serena says “how many girls, are you sleeping with?”

She push Mason away, “I’m ‘bout to lose my job”

And walks into the dinner, see’s an uninvited cop

Mean while Mason, calls Sam on his cell

And Sam says “I’m at an art show, call me at twelve”

“No this cant wait cause nigga you got me played

I just found out, I’m positive with aids”

A pause on the phone Sam says “how you figure this?”

“My wife tested my blood cause she’s pregnant with my kid”

Sam starts cursing, “Meet me at the club

Cuz I’m negative man, so I aint the one”

Serena walks back in, “who you talking to?”

“That’s Sam from work, he wants to help us through”

“Anyway Trina is nowhere in sight

N I’m about to go burn down her house”

Mason says ”Calm down, I doubt you have aids too

Cause we do it with a condom, just go inside the coop”

Serena says “Dumbass I have a baby, you think the condom worked

Is it you, the aids or the baby that makes me wanna hurl

And you know what Mason, just call your other hoes

cuz I’m thinking right now, Katrina’s not a boy”

Mason says” how you know Katina, planning her wedding too”

“No, she called my phone just now, asking ‘bout you”

Posted by honeys4ds at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 10 April 2007 7:25 PM EDT
Sunday, 18 December 2005
Part 5

Now Masons driving the car, Serena’s in the back

And she looks like she’s, about to kill his ass

“So how long you been doing this, we’ve been married 10 years

just tell me how many females, your about to bring to tears

Now you have aids, I probably have it too

If I believed in divorce, I been give you the boot”

Mason cell phone rings, its Trina on the phone

Saying “can you please come pick me up, from my home”

Serena says “was that her”, he goes “no that was your friend

Trina wants me to pick her up, Serena says “not in my benz”

So they drive home first, and Katrina’s at the door

Katrina says “its ‘bout time you get here, homes such a bore

Is this your sister, that you’ve been helping out?”

Serena says “No you hoe, I’m his mother fucking wife”

Katrina says “What’s going on, I thought we were it”

Mason leads her to the car, to try and explain his shit

They arrive at Trina’s, now Katrina knows it all

Then Mason and Serena step out of there cars

Katrina’s in the car, acting all wild

Then Trina says real loud, “whose watching your child”


Posted by honeys4ds at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 10 April 2007 7:26 PM EDT

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