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Monday, 12 February 2007

Making love is an art,true love is expressed
theres a deeper meaning to it, not just sex
while your making love,your mate treats you with care
slowly caresses your body,removing underwear
your bodies shown to each other,privacy exposed
dont have to rush, you can do it slow
He uses his tounge to every inch of your body
feelings running wild ,making your head cloudy
your nipples hard, your pussy wet
together ya made fire ,being lit out from ya sweat
You slowly open up, as your man pushes in
the art of making love,this is not a sin
your moaning so loud, cause you feel it in your back
the expressions on your face , when ya privacys clashed
tonight your not bending over, not getting to your knees
cause this is exactly, how true love feels
let it out, you dont have to bite your lip
He wanna hear the sound, his dick make you pitch
you dont have to be shy, because ya have trust
because ya true to each other, its not just lets fuck
together ya made beauty, a gift from God above
together ya had the expirence of making love

Posted by honeys4ds at 3:22 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 30 June 2007 8:11 PM EDT
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Friday, 7 July 2006
Nasty but Classy

I know how women are suppose to be classy

I just make mine interesting by being a little nasty

This world was built on sex, of course

And I’m advance, I should be the source

Cause I know how to make my guy, plead to there knees

Even break a tear to get in-between

And they keep coming back, cause baby I’m a drug

Cause when I fuck my boys, they come out grown thugs

Foreplays how we start, I like to make him feen

Cause I don’t wanna be his want, I wanna be his need

I like to get the bottom, easy access that way

Then flip him on the bed, to show him expressions on my face

Then I start saying, exactly what he wanna hear

Start rocking back n forth; I have him under my care

After real time in, after he bust

I do this little thing where I start feeling in his nuts

He skeet, skeet, skeet, that cum into place

After he pulls out, I place my pussy on his face

What trick can he do, while I’m already loose

Rushing for every taste, like I’m Tropicana juice

But after that we aint trough, we play around in the shower

The way I do it, this could go on for hours

I walk out the door, after we do the nasty

Then I don’t tell a soul, cause he like his classy

Posted by honeys4ds at 1:01 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 28 October 2006 12:00 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 12 October 2005
Mood:  vegas lucky
Must be his dick, cause it aint his face

Nigga talk to Honey, dont put that money to waste

Yeah I talk to you, for about two weeks

You pushing that Benz, but your game is weak

Fuck I care, 'bout how you talk to girls

You pulling out the money, buy me diamond and pearls

Now I ain't pimp all ya, just a few

I played my game right, thats what I do

Now Raquan and Whinston dem was my babes

The rest of ya dumb fucks, made me get paid

Buying me clothes, phones, and Jewelry

give it to me so easy, without no pussy

I look back on them days, like damn I was fast

An undercover goldigger, with a good ass act

But now I'm a be faithful, like a lil' angel

Put da dick on hold so when I get it I'll be grateful

And all of ya I pimped, dont take it to the head

Cause half of ya spread lies bout how ya had me n bed

Misshoney being good, gotta gain some trust

Never gold digg again, till the next dumb fuck

Posted by honeys4ds at 7:32 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 4 January 2006 5:41 PM EST
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